Custom Airbrush Spray Tanning


Prior to having a spray tan DO NOT USE any type of TANNING ACCELERATORS, BRONZERS, DEODORANT, MAKEUP, LOTIONS, OR ANY OTHER SKIN PRODUCTS containing oil or lotion on your skin. This is very important and will affect your airbrush.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Will the solution turn my skin orange?
Answer: NO. We use a Norvell solution. The DHA works with your skin to produce a natural looking tan without orange discoloration.

Question: How should I prepare for my airbrush?
Answer: Prior to arrival you will need to shower with a citrus based liquid exfoliating soap to remove any residue or dead skin. The solution needs to be applied to fresh clean make-up free skin.

Question: Is the solution (dihydroxyacetone or DHA) toxic?
Answer; The DHA solution is made from natural ingredients (pure sugar cane) and therefore safe to use on all skin types. Some people may have an allergy to the DHA solution; usually those with an allergy to beets or raspberries as the solution also contains these natural ingredients.

Question: What should I wear during the airbrush?
Answer: Swimsuits, undergarments, thongs, or any other garment that allows me to do my job accordingly. You can go without clothing if you prefer no tan lines. The choice is completely up to you.

Question: How long does the DHA solution take to dry once it's applied?
Answer: It takes 5 five to 10 ten minutes for the DHA solution to dry completely before you can get dressed.

Question: What clothing should I wear after my airbrush?
Answer: You will want to wear dark, loose clothing and flip flops or sandals so that you will not rub the solution off your skin. Tight fitting bras, or tight undergarments/swimsuits not recommended. It would be better that you not wear any when you leave.

Question: Will the solution stain my clothing?
Answer: The DHA solution will come out of your clothing with regular wash and will not stain your clothing.

Question: How long does the solution stay on your skin before you can bathe?
Answer: Our staff will instruct you on the processing time that will help in achieving your desired results. That time can be in the 3 to 18 hour range. Initially, after your spray session, you will simply rinse the solution off with a cool shower using no soap. The bronzer will appear in the water when rinsing. We recommend after the initial rinse that you pat dry. You can resume your normal showering after the initial rinsing process.

Question: How long does the tan last?
Answer: On average, the airbrush will last (7) seven to (10) ten days depending on your skin preparation prior to tanning and the amount of time you leave the DHA solution on your skin before bathing. Exfoliating and shaving will also shorten the life of your airbrush. I have had one customer whose airbrush lasted for 13 days. It really depends on how you prepare and how you take care of your airbrush.

Question: If this is for a wedding or any special occasion, what treatments should be done prior to having an airbrush?
Answer: Any kind of waxing, nails, manicures, pedicures, massages, or any other 'treatments' other than makeup (non-permanent) and hair styles should be done prior to shower and spray tan. None, other than hair and makeup, should be afterwards.

Thank you, and we look forward to doing your custom airbrush!