Tanning Lotions


The Significance of Tanning Lotions

Ever wondered what was the significance of all those sunless tanning products, indoor tanning lotions and other assorted indoor tanning supplies?

Sunless tanning products and tanning lotions are especially formulated to help you acquire a superbly tanned skin while offering protection against the adverse effects of the sun. Indoor and sunless tanning products offer you good value for money by allowing you to tan while still maintaining a healthy and younger looking skin and by maximizing your indoor tanning efforts. Here is some useful information that will give you a better insight into sunless tanning products. This will help you see why they are beneficial when tanning:


Premium sunless tanning products and tanning lotions offer a refractive prism of natural oils including sunflower oil and hemp seed oil as well as aromatherapy essential oils and aloe-vera gel. The refractive prism causes a magnification of the ultraviolet light that reaches your skin, helping your tan to intensify. Given the same amount of time, people who avoid using tanning products are likely to achieve a lower level of tanning compared to people who use the product.


Healthy skin is of utmost importance for acquiring a dark tan. Indoor as well as outdoor tanning products are specially formulated to provide the skin with vital moisture that is necessary before tanning and also after tanning. Healthier skin has the capacity to hold on to a tan for a longer period of time than unhealthy skin. This gives you the added benefit of being able to achieve a darker, deeper tan by building upon the existing foundation.

Dry skin on the other hand tends to flake, peeling away layers of tan with it. Sunless tanning products keep your skin constantly moisturized, which is essential during the tanning process. These lotions contain a host of vital ingredients including vitamins, natural oils, minerals, antioxidants, natural botanical extracts and aloe vera; all of which help boost your tanning efforts. Tanning without this extra support causes the skin to dry faster and the tan to fade in a shorter period of time as the dried skin flakes away.

Skin Conditioning

Tanning products and tanning lotions are specially designed to provide the skin with supplementary tanning ingredients that are vital during the tanning process. These ingredients help to maximize your tanning efforts. Tanning products and indoor tanning lotions also contain several essential skin conditioning components that boost your tanning endeavors by providing vital moisturization and by enhancing the tanning intensity.

Are Tanning Products Really Necessary?

During a tanning bed session, your body receives an intense dosage of UV exposure that is comparable to a daily recommended exposure to direct sunlight. While you may not be absorbing the whole quantity of UV light in that short period of time, it is critical that your skin is moisturized and conditioned to protect it from excessive drying. Indoor tanning lotions offer the skin best protection against dehydration. They also help in acquiring a deeper, more enduring tan. High quality lotions can help dark-skinned people break through their existing tanning plateau and achieve unprecedented results.

What is the Optimum Amount of Tanning Product to be used prior to Tanning?

Different people have different tanning lotion requirements, depending upon the sensitivity to the sun and the fairness of the skin. Slathering on a thick coat of tanning products that condition, magnify and moisturize the skin prior to the tanning process can maximize your tanning results. Applying larger quantities of tanning products enhance the moisture levels in the skin.

How Do I Use Thicker Tanning Lotions that do not Rub in Quickly?

Tanning products that are thick are made up of a higher percentage of moisturizing compounds, which means the quality is better too. There’s nothing to worry about if you are using a thicker tanning lotion and find that it does not get completely rubbed in. Just leave it on your skin and go ahead with your tanning. The sunless tanning lotion will liquefy soon with the heat generated from the tanning bed and this liquefied lotion will soon get absorbed into the skin, nourishing it with its valuable skin conditioning, magnification and moisturizing ingredients while you tan.

What Is the Best Time to Apply the Tanning Lotion?

Most tanning enthusiasts find that they get optimum magnification properties when the tanning lotion is applied just prior to starting the tanning process. Magnification occurs when the UV light gets diffused by the tanning product, helping it to penetrate into a larger area of skin. This is, in effect, similar to the way tanning occurs in or near a swimming pool.

Other Than Utilizing Traditional Tanning Supplies, What Else Can I Do To Achieve Better Results Between Tanning Sessions?
When you are between tanning sessions you should use ‘After Exposure Tanning Products’, which were developed by experts who believed the process of tanning continues in the skin for about 48 hours after you’ve finished with your last session.

The UV light continues to be metabolized in the body for quite a long while after the session is over. Using ‘After Exposure Tanning Products’ whenever possible and especially after your shower and before bed ensures your skin stays optimally conditioned and moisturized between sessions.

By using tanning salon moisturizers you will achieve better tanning results. Moisturized and conditioned skin achieves and maintains the best TAN!!!